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Nashua Baptist Church - 555 Broad Street, Nashua, NH 03063 - (603) 889-4020
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About Us 

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Our Passion:


Knowing GodLoving One Another, and Serving in the World—not just words on a page; these words authentically express what we are all about. At Nashua Baptist Church people are encouraged to move beyond being merely religious to having a genuine and growing relationship with God. This is a place where people are intentional about caring for and loving one another. This is a place where people are challenged to do more than just sit on a pew; they are mobilized to start serving in the world. Knowing God, Loving One Another, and Serving in the World is not just a slogan at Nashua Baptist Church; these are values that drive everything we do!

Our History: A Story of Faith, Work and Witness:

Nashua Baptist Church began on September 17, 1967, as the Nashua Bible Fellowship in the home of Moe and Beverly Garrity. Our first public worship services began in October that year, meeting at the Charlotte Avenue School. On June 5,1968, our church was renamed Nashua Baptist Church. In July 1968 we moved to the Disabled American Veterans Hall in the French Hill section of Nashua. 

On February 1, 1970, Rev. Michael Alford became our first full-time pastor and he served until July 29, 1974. Under his energetic leadership a ministry to inner-city children in Nashua was launched as well as ministries to residents of the Hunt Home, Sullivan Terrace Apartments, and Greenbriar Terrace Nursing Home. Our church membership increased significantly and in December 1971 our sponsor, Screven Memorial Baptist Church (now called Seacoast Community Church), voted approval for us to become an officially constituted church. On June 11, 1972, the one-hundred thirteen charter members voted to accept the Constitution and By-laws of Nashua Baptist Church and we officially became the second Southern Baptist Church in the State of New Hampshire! Stepping out in faith, on July 22, 1973, Nashua Baptist Church purchased its first building, the Greek Church of Annunciation, on Ash Street in downtown Nashua. The members of Nashua Baptist Church expanded their ministry to help people in need, operating a Food Closet and helping at the Nashua Soup Kitchen.

On March 9, 1975, Rev. David Lucas became our second pastor and he served until August 1976. Under his leadership, programs were organized for Church Training, Baptist Men, Royal Ambassadors, Mission Friends and an adult choir. 

On July 3, 1977, Rev. Donald Hayhurst became our third pastor and he served until January 1979. Church membership increased rapidly during the year and a half that he served.  Limited by lack of space at the Ash Street property, our church began seeking property to build a new building. On November 12, 1978, Nashua Baptist Church voted to buy six acres of a farm owned by George and Sultana Tamposi at 555 Broad Street.  


Dr. Dennis Choate became our fourth pastor on July 1, 1979 and he served until September 1988. He led us to move our services to the Broad Street School, a location that was central to the community where our new building would be located. We started a Together We Build building fund with three goals, ranging from $20,000 to $40,000.  The actual amount our members pledged was over $92,000!  A groundbreaking service for the new building was held on August 16, 1981, and construction began a short time later. The first worship service in our new building on Broad Street was held May 2, 1982, even though much of the interior remained unfinished.  Over the next few years members of our church, along with their families and volunteers from other churches worked steadily to finish the interior.

On August 1, 1989, Dr. George Ellis became our fifth full-time pastor and he served for 10 years until August 15, 1999. He mobilized our church to participate in missions. A few months after his arrival, he and nine other men from the church went to South Carolina to rebuild houses after Hurricane Hugo. The next year members went to Cape Cod to help with the cleanup after Hurricane Bob. Other church building mission projects were in Hampstead, NH; Manchester, NH; Spruce Head, ME; South Berwick, ME; Farmington, ME; Mentor, OH; and Hudson, MA. In November 1996 Dr. Ellis traveled to the former Soviet to train Russian pastors. While there, he had the opportunity to visit Kelly and Susan Mulheren, former members of our church, who were commissioned as missionaries to the former Soviet Union. Every Christmas season, from 1994 through 2000, our members presented the Christmas Program, Back to Bethlehem. Hundreds of people from our city and beyond were led through the birth story of Jesus and given the opportunity to converse with actors dressed as Biblical characters. 

Dr. Philip Nieto became the sixth pastor of Nashua Baptist Church on July 23, 2000 and he served until August 6, 2006 when he was called to serve as a chaplain in the United States Navy. During Dr. Nieto’s leadership two evangelistic revivals were held. In 2003, church members, John and Anne Scoggins became the Coordinators for the Mission Service Corp Missionaries serving in the Baptist Convention of New England. Today they coordinate the work of 40+ missionaries serving in New England. On August 21, 2005, the church celebrated a Burn the Mortgage Sunday and we became dept-free. 

On August 1, 2007, Sam Taylor became the seventh pastor of Nashua Baptist Church. He has mobilized our church to carry out Service in the World Sundays. On these unique Sundays, held 2-3 times each year, our church building is almost emptied as our small groups fan out all across our city doing acts of service to non-Christians, demonstrating God's love and engaging non-Christians in conversations about Christ. We have also completed a building addition, increasing the seating in our auditorium, adding a modern nursery department, a large entry lobby, a spacious youth room and a church steeple. 

Who We Are:

Nashua Baptist Church began as a small Bible fellowship in 1967 and has maintained a faithful witness to Nashua and surrounding areas since. Our church had its first public meetings in the Charlotte Avenue Elementary School, then met in the DAV hall in French Hill, purchased the old Greek Orthodox Church building behind city hall in 1973, and finally we moved to our present building on Broad Street in May 1982.Our church has people who travel 20-40 minutes from all directions in order to worship here. About half of the church is originally from New England and half from other geographical areas. There are people from many social, educational, and ethnic backgrounds. We usually have people worshiping here from three or four language groups. Bible study for the whole family and an emphasis on missions are two special interests in this church. Currently, we have two ethnic congregations that also meet in our building. The Korean church has been meeting in our building since 1994.  The Brazilan church has been meeting in our church since 2011.



Statement of Basic Beliefs:

We affirm the Holy Bible as the inspired and infallible word of God and the guide for all matters of faith and practice. Nashua Baptist Church agrees with the doctrinal statement of The Baptist Faith and Message adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention. We voluntarily band together as a body of baptized believers in Jesus Christ who are personally committed to sharing the good news of salvation to lost mankind. We practice the two church ordinances of believer's baptism and the Lord's Supper.


Nashua Baptist Church is voluntarily affiliated with the New Hampshire Baptist Association, the Baptist Convention of New England and the Southern Baptist Convention (Great Commission Baptists). We provide financial support to the Cooperative Program to help support over 9,000 missionaries in the United State and around the world.